VONSILD  is synonymous with wooden handles and knobs, and for decades we have been the number one supplier to the furniture- & kitchen industry, whether of traditional handles and knobs, or the more contemporary, maybe even avantgarde designs, of the highest quality.

In recent years with the growing popularity of wooden handles, we have experienced significant growth that requires scaling up our activities on all levels.

To secure this growth, and our establishment in the market, we have teamed up with our good collegue for many years, furnipart, who will continue our activities as  VONSILD by furnipart.

A completely new catalogue was just launched - have a look at  www.furnipart.com  to learn more


VONSILD by furnipart

VONSILD is more than just handles for your furniture; it is a tribute to nature. 

The beauty of real wood, craftsmanship, and the love for details are united in Vonsild. We welcome you to a world of handles that are practical, authentic, and natural to the touch. 

We embrace the inherent character of wood with all its complex patterns, unique grain structures, and subtle characters - it is precisely these qualities that make each piece of VONSILD unique.